What do sonarqube numbers tell you about your software?

Why SonarQube?

Imagine a chef baking a cake with the finest ingredients in the world. At several instances during the baking process they would like to check for consistency, color, taste, etc. to make sure the cake when served will be perfect.

As a development team is building software they would like to know if they are not introducing any bugs, unreliability or untested code that will make their delivered software unmaintainable, full of security vulnerabilities and sloppy. Enter Sonarqube!

Sonarqube is a free and open source “code quality platform”. It gives you a moment-in-time snapshot of your code quality and test coverage today, as well as trending of lagging (what’s already gone wrong) and leading (what’s like to go wrong in the future) quality indicators.

From a developer’s perspective, SonarQube helps you from

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